Most Effective Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

August 29, 2020

Most home sellers are reluctant to spend a lot of money before putting a house on the market. The good new is that the vast majority of home sellers to not need to. There are several effective ways to boost curb appeal and impress buyers for the first showing and beyond.
The easiest and most effective way to improve the curb appeal of your house, is to paint the front door with an accent color. Bold colors are trending right now. As a huge fan of bold color, I have seen that most people can handle a small amount of bold color. After years of experimenting in bold color, I recommend using neutral colors  on the walls, ceilings, siding; and using bold color on the previously painted crown molding, baseboards and trim. If the molding has not been painted and it is antique or a quality hardwood, then I strongly recommend not painting the wood and using a clear gloss acrylic polyurethane, such as Benwood from Benjamin Moore.

Take a walk around your house and look at the yard from the eyes of a buyer.

Does the yard look well maintained?

What are the things that can be done to improve the property on a budget?

Here a some tips:

* Trim the bushes and trees.

* Spread new mulch in the flower gardens.

* Use a power washer to clean the decks, walkways and driveway.

* Clean the windows.

* Install new shades or blinds on the front windows of the house and consider how they look from the exterior.

* Plant flowers that will be blooming or about to bloom during the first showing, if flowering plants are now present.

* Hang or place plants near the entryway.

Update light fixtures.

* Replace the faucets on the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks.

Feel free to reach out if you would like to talk about the small improvements that you can make to your house before you sell.

David Marshall, Manager